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Download 日本の暮らし12か月 – Pre-Intermediate Japanese Reader PDF

日本の暮らし12か月 – Moons, Months and Seasons – Pre-Intermediate Japanese Reader

日本語教材/日本文化紹介書 日本のくらし12か月
Moons, Months and Seasons: Pre-Intermediate Japanese Reader (English and Japanese Edition) by Atsuko Usuda

This reader for advanced beginning students of Japanese contains 12 short illustrated essays in Japanese describing the cultural practices associated with each month of the ye

“日本のくらし12ヶ月” is reading material for students studying the Japanese language. It is written mainly for the pre-internediate students who have finished a beginner’s course of 400 hours.

Since the number of those who study the Japanese language has increased, there is need for a greater variety of study materials today. This book is meant for pre-intermediate students to enjoy reading without much difficulty, learning, at the same time, about everyday life in Japan. It is designed to be used both as a textbook in the classroom under a teacher’s guidance and as reading material to be enjoyed by students on thier own. We recommend it be used not as a text to study sentence structures but as reading material to come to know Japanese cuntoms and events- the background of the language.



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